How to file Tribunal for home buyer claims?

Recently I learnt how to file tribunal claims for my newly hand over unit from developer. The unit is already over 36 months. On top of that, the common facilities also not available during hand over. As such, as a home buyer, I feel that this is not appropriate and want to look for the solution with developer.

After several researches, I think filing to the Tribunal claims will be more appropriate after failing negotiation with developer.

Since my unit is at Selangor state, and decide to file at the Putrajaya. In fact you can file in any where as long as there is Tribunal office.

Tribunal Perumahan Dan Pengurusan Strata

Tribunal For Housing adn Strata Management

Kementerian Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan

Aras 3 & 4

No 51, Persiaran Perdana

Presint 4,

62100 Putrajaya


Head Office

Tribunal Perumahan Dan Pengurusan Starata (TPPS)

Kementerian Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan.

Aras 3, No. 51, Presint 4, Persiaran Perdana, 62100 Putrajaya.


Below are the other offices located throughout Malaysia:

North Region

Aras 7, Zon B, Wisma Persekutuan,

Jalan Bertam, 13200 Kepala Batas, Seberang Prai Utara,

Pulau Pinang.


East Region

Tingkat 5 & 6, Bangunan Darul Takaful (MAIDAM),

Jalan Sultan Ismail, 20200 Kuala Terengganu,\



South Region

Tingkat 20, Menara Ansar,

No 65, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johor Bharu,

Johor Darul Takzim


What are the documents need to bring?

  1. Sales and Purchased Agreement – 1 copy
  2. Vacant possession Letter – 1 copy
  3. Attach all the letters & other docs to support your case which you deem necessary
  4. Borang 1 – 4 copies


Where to get Borang 1 for Tribunal Home Claims?

You may Download the Borang 1 at below link:

You will need to print out 4 copies and duly complete it.

Click here to find out the Guide to fill in the form.

If your SPA is joint name, in the form, need to have 2 names and signed by both parties before submit it. Otherwise the form will not be able to submit over the counter and will be rejected. Imagine I am travelling from Penang and not able to submit it due to lack of one signature. All the effort will be wasted.


What is the cost of each filing?

You need to bring RM10 with you when submitting all documents over the counters. The officer will straight away give you the hearing date and time. Normally is 30 days from the date of filing.

Why do we need to fill up 4 copies of Borang 1?

When submitting the 4 copies of the Borang 1, the officer will keep 1 copy for the processing.

The officer will return you another 3 copies to address the following:

  • Send to developer
  • Send to mortgage bank
  • For owner keeping

That is the reason why there is a need to have 4 copies of Borang 1. Pls take note that For developer and Bank copy, need to send to them within 14 days from the date of submission.



After the filing, I straight drive to Developer office and submit to them. At the same time, acknowledge on my copy as well. Then I also send another copy of Borang 1 to the bank. The bank officer also required to acknowledge on my copy as well.

For owner copy, need to present during the hearing.



How to check the Tribunal Home claims hearing schedule online?

Please Click Here to check the hearing schedule.



  1. Lee

    Thanks for your sharing. Have you attend the hearing? May i know how is the process of the hearing? What should i say or answer during the hearing

  2. Jessie

    What if property is under my name but i am not able to attend on the date of hearing, can i ask my husband to defend on behalf of me?

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Yes,but you must authorize your husband and show both of your relationship to the judge on the hearing day

  3. Eddy

    I stay in the top floor of a low cost apartment, monthly maintenance fees is RM50. My house leaking and management didn’t have any action. What can I do?

  4. sherlene chen

    Thanks for sharing, very resourceful for all the home buyer to know our rights.
    If the defects we listed earlier when we first get our new house, but defects was not repair properly and now the same problem appear again after the warranty period over, can we file in tribunal office?

  5. Amy Lee

    Hi Admin,

    Can I file if is abandoned project? It is hotel retail lot and stop work after 55%.

    Would appreciate your advice.

    Thank you.

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Not necessary 2 persons need to attend. Either 1 will do. But the form submission need to be sign by both names.

  6. Alex Sow

    Hello, I received my condo unit key in Dec 2016 (after 36 months S&P was signed) but the developer keep delaying (given numerous excuses) to pay me compensation until now. Will the tribunal be able to assist me? Thanks.

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Tribunal should be able to help you. just dropby and discuss with tribunal officer

  7. Yeoh

    I heard that before filing any claim to Tribunal, we have to attend to Commissioner of Building (COB) first. We actually a group of owners intend to walk in Tribunal to file the claim for the delay of Hand Over of VP.

  8. nancy

    Thanks for your sharing. I have one question. How do serve to the mortgage bank? any branch ? which department?

    • Chat Property Malaysia

      Hi Nancy:

      I do not quite understand your question.
      If you mean how to notified your mortgage bank, then just go walk into the branch you have taken the loan, submit to them.

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